Amature looking to chat

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He might have a website open to monitor news releases or watch the news ticker on a TV channel (on mute! The pro knows how important it is to be 100% focused and when there is nothing to do and no trading setup in sight, he turns off his platform, works on his trading skills or just takes the day off.Check out our Net Schedule to see all we have to offer.We also offer many fine certificate awards for contacts made on our nets. The QSL cards received for these contacts may also be used to obtain ARRL and other awards, or for any other purpose you care to use them.He does not flip through timeframes, but just waits patiently until the trade comes to him.He does not waste his time by sitting in front of his charts all day long when there is nothing to do.The amateur loses focus easily and does multiple things when there is no setup in sight or markets are currently slow.

He, therefore, misses trades easily, makes mistakes when calculating his position and when executing trades.

Eyeball 2017 will be hosted by Bill Dobson (N3WD) in Upperco, MD the weekend of June 15, 16, 17.

We invite you to explore our website and—more importantly—we invite you to join our nets.

A professional trader is defined by how he approaches his trading mentally and how he evaluates his trading routine.

Therefore, every amateur trader can easily acquire the mindset of a professional trader by following a few principles and changing his approach.

The following article walks you through the 6 most common trading principles that make the biggest difference between an amateur and a professional trader.