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As a busy woman working two full-time jobs, she appreciates having her SSL and Site Lock (as well as her other products) all accessible from one central location, giving her more time to focus on her blog.Sometimes, the hardest part of being an entrepreneur is working more hours than being someone else’s employee.

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It was the 80s — good music, shoulder pads, the mullet and rapidly advancing technology. Frequently, they sought out the advice of the more tenured employee to learn the ropes.As Ashton Applewhite of “Discouraged and diminished, many older Americans stop looking for work entirely.They become economically dependent, contributing to the misperception that older people are a burden to society, but it’s not by choice.Plus, writing actionable advice for her over-50 peers is near and dear to her heart — an all-around win.While Judy recognizes her potential for profit, her site is more than just a blog to her.New to the blogging community — but with 40 years in business — Judy knew that to be successful, her blog would need to be unique, sincere and focused on the subject matter.

Judy also understood that she needed a great domain name, a Word Press platform for her blog and a business email address to get started. She took advantage of the chat feature in order to a have a virtual conversation with a Go Daddy consultant. Senior Job Bank - a free non-profit jobs search engine featuring part-time, occasional, temporary and full-time jobs for senior citizens (Over 50).Employers Post jobs and Older Workers Post resumes for free.How are older people supposed to remain self-sufficient if they’re forced out of the job market?” At the age of 63, Judy has survived three reorganizations and company layoffs.With retirement just six years away, she has plans to monetize her blog and to keep things fresh and engaging for her readers.