Gujarath sex

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Gujarath sex

Aside from a few exceptions, most of the boys are raised to be pimps, and the majority of girls, some as young as 12 years old, earn a living selling sex.Men come to the village from as far afield as Ahmedabad, Pakistan, Rajasthan, and Mumbai to buy sex, with rates beginning at 500 rupees (£5).

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The aides were 28-year-old Madan Mali and 40-year-old Bhanwar Singh, both residents of Jalore district.His wife, mother, sister, daughter – all prostitutes.” I ask Amr what age the girls start selling sex, and was told, “not before 18”, but according to VSSM it can be as young as 12.I was told by Amr that the women all like their work; the customers are never violent; there are no STIs; and that at most, only one-fifth of the women in Wadia are in prostitution.One woman was going into a half-erected brick building with a man I assumed to be a sex buyer.My translator tells me that each of the newly-built houses are brothels, and the old huts are the family homes. “The man with the white handkerchief, big broker [pimp].The 600 inhabitants of Wadia are descendants of the nomadic Saraniya community.

Saraniya men once worked for the army, which ruled over the region prior to India’s independence from Britain in 1947.

Amr immediately calls the man he refers to as the chief of the village, who quickly appears, dressed all in white and with his face hidden behind a large white scarf.

I am led to the porch of the village shop where at least 40 boys and men are gathered. “They will think you are a police officer.” There have been occasional attempts from outsiders to prevent the sexual exploitation that has become the fabric of Wadia society.

They took the woman to Khedbrahma's Pragati Hospital in Gujarat.

Wadia, a village in north Gujarat, close to the Rajasthan border, is famous for prostitution.

I am given sweet, milky chai in a saucer and one of the two plastic chairs to sit on. I ask Amr if the police try to impose the rule of law on the village. “Many are customers.” No women or girls are visible as we arrive, and when I ask if I could meet some of the women, I am told, emphatically “no” by the chief. Vicharti Samudaya Samarpan Manch (VSSM), an NGO working to improve the education and welfare of nomadic tribes in the region, decided that the only way to break the cycle of prostitution was to marry off as many girls as possible.

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