Accommodating the disabled

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Some inexpensive measures that will provide the disabled access to basic goods, services and facilities include putting ramps up to high drinking fountains, elevating floors to solve the difficulty of high checkout counters, making notepads available for hearing-impaired individuals.

Make common areas, such as playgrounds, picnic areas and clubhouse facilities wheelchair-friendly.

(American Sign Language isn’t the only one in the world; yes, they are real languages; no, if you know one of them, you can’t understand any other; no, you don’t have to be deaf to be fluent in, or a “native speaker” of, a sign language.) Deaf people are most apt to attend segregated deaf-only schools or classrooms, though “mainstreaming” of disabled students (including them in nondisabled classrooms) has been an ongoing trend for 30 years.

There tends to be such a thing as a “deaf community” in any given city, state, or province.

is a more medical-sounding term that not many people voluntarily use to describe themselves.

Deaf people tend to have the least hearing (and “culturally Deaf” people issue eye-rolling demands to capitalize the ); they are the most apt to use whatever sign language or language is native to their region.

Fair Housing laws, both federal and state, cover most rental situations.

The Americans with Disabilities Act further obligates landlords to accommodate the disabled so that everyone has access to equal housing opportunities.

Here’s what you can do to accommodate disabled tenants and potential tenants: Make your rental office accessible to those using wheelchairs.

Provide ample parking for the disabled, both for tenants, close to their units, and for visitors.

Long-term care facilities must know the regulations they must comply with as well as know how to install specific provisions for disabled residents.

The ADA requires facilities to make an attempt at accommodation, including procedural changes, added equipment, or minor adjustments during a facility renovation.

Article Abstract: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits the denial of employment opportunities and access to basic services and facilities from individuals on the basis of their disability.

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