Accomodating students with special needs

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Accomodating students with special needs

There are a number of things instructors can do while planning a course to make it more accessible to all students, including those with learning disabilities.

Members of the largest group of students with disabilities have learning disabilities. On this page you will find information and links to information that we hope will help you serve students with disabilities better.We hope you will find this information informative and useful, and we hope you return often and view any updates which are added from time to time.A student with a learning disability may have one or more of these limitations.As the number of individuals being diagnosed with learning disabilities has increased, so have the understanding and utilization of academic and technological strategies for accommodation.SSD serves as a resource for faculty and staff who work with students with disabilities.

The SSD director and staff are available to answer questions, consult on problem situations, provide information, and support for accommodating students.

UD offers the following suggestions: Typically, a higher education institution requires that a student with a disability register with the office that provides support services for students with disabilities, in order to receive accommodations.

It is the student's responsibility to request services in a timely manner.

These offices confirm the student's disability and eligibility for services and accommodations.

A course instructor typically receives a letter from this office detailing recommended accommodations for a student.

By federal law, a person with a disability is any person who: If you are working with a student that you suspect has a learning disability, we recommend you refer them to the SSD director or assistant director so they may be screened to determine whether full assessment is recommended. For suggestions on how to talk to a student about the possibility of a learning disability, please consult with Veva Cheney, Director of SSD or Barbara Woodhead, Assistant Director of SSD.