Carbon dating super furry animals

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Carbon dating super furry animals

“We were a young family and found ourselves parents to two, boisterous albums, suddenly born between 19.It was our doing; we took full responsibility and endured the sleepless nights.

(laughter) So as a kind of thank you he did some chomping of carrots.

MWE3: How do you break down the song writing chores in Super Furry Animals? You can almost hear two or three albums then and then we choose which one we want really go for. you wrote the songs “ Battersea Odyssey” which is one of the most atmospheric songs on the CD.

Bunf: Well it’s really kind of a free for all when it comes to...nobody really is excluded or is given priority. Bunf: Yeah, that’s one of our first ever songs to do with London really, which is something, after living here for nine years I suppose it’s kind of rubbed off on me. There’s a suburb in London called Battersea and it’s got a huge power station. It’s a very kind of psychedelic, industrial song.

Bunf: Yeah, we wanted to actually kind of go for the, the saying is pop jugular, which is sort of really going for it.

In our own world, that’s kind of an album of singles, if we were in charge of the charts!

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(laughter) Every single song there can stand up on its own I think without needing the rest of the album to fix it.

They all pretty much have got their own personalities.

Turner Gas Company is family-owned and has successfully served customers for over 75 years.

We are the market leader in energy and chemical transportation, marketing and logistics throughout the Western & Central United States.

MWE3: Paul Mc Cartney was on one of your early albums chewing a vegetable.

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