Christian speed dating in scotland

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THE traditional view of a Muslim marriage is one of family elders match-making within their community.

They still want their parents to be involved in the process but not leading from the front.They themselves want to play a greater role when it comes to finding a partner." Butt said the "Aunty Ji" network - where older women in the community play a role in matchmaking - did still work for some.But she added: "I mainly work with the younger generation so they can explain their requirements and are happy to speak to each other without the parental involvement."They (the prospective husband or wife) can find it difficult to say no or hopes can build up.At least this way, the boys and girls themselves know what they are looking for - and if they find anybody attractive they can take it from there." She added: "The new generation are a lot more Westernised so they prefer doing things themselves rather than having any kind of help.Julian Bond, director of the Christian Muslim Forum, said that anecdotally the number of interfaith marriages was rising across the UK and they had experienced an increasing number of enquiries since publishing guidelines on the issue for ministers and imams two years ago.

"In larger cities, where there is diverse mixing between people, it is likely there will be increased interfaith relationships between people and I think there is also beginning to be better support for interfaith couples," he said.

And all the while the number of relationships between Muslims and Christians is also on the rise - adding another new dimension to the way Muslims in Scotland live and love.

Today, Muslim Christian Couples Scotland, a Facebook support group, will hold its biggest-ever meet-up in Glasgow as part of Scottish Interfaith Week.

Another event taking place today in Motherwell, near Glasgow, will see around 50 to 60 people seeking a spouse taking part in a £20-a-ticket Muslim "speed-dating"-style event.

Organiser Saira Butt, who runs marriage service Muslim Match, said: "Some young Asians are content to go down the traditional route and happy for their parents to arrange their marriage.

"The first hurdle many couples face is the question of how to get married - will they have a church wedding or an Islamic one, or both?

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