Community dating sites nepali

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Community dating sites nepali

Nepal is a developing nation, ranking 145th on the Human Development Index (HDI) in 2014.The country struggles with the transition from a monarchy to a republic.

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Nepal is strategically important due to its location between Asia's great powers, China and India. Local legends have that a Hindu sage named "Ne" established himself in the valley of Kathmandu in prehistoric times and that the word "Nepal" came into existence as the place was protected ("pala" in Pali) by the sage "Nemi".

It is mentioned in Vedic texts that this region was called Nepal centuries ago.

Today, the main political blocs in Nepal are communists, social democrats and Hindu nationalists.

The Nepali government works in the framework of a representative democracy with seven federal provinces.

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Many Nepalese singles are having a difficult time finding a suitable partner due to many factors such as lack of options in a foreign country or lack of time.

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