Concept speeddating

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Concept speeddating

“Hey, I remember at the speed meeting you said you liked jazz and country music….” You get the idea.At the end of the allotted time, a moderator gives a signal, and round-robin fashion, the inner circle moves one seat (or two or three just to keep things interesting) and everyone meets a new person.

The first speed dating reportedly took place in 1998 in – where else? From there it flourished, along with its non-romantic counterparts, around the world.

In speed meeting, however, the topics tend to be more social.

The objective is to have a pressure-free icebreaker, not deep, probing, comfort-zone leaving inquiries.

On the chance that some of the pairs already know each other, that’s okay too, they can just learn something about the person they didn't know before.

Some organizers like to use tables for two or even use small groups rather than one on one.

A moderator would wait a few minutes, and then have one the inside or outside rotate.

I'm doing a similar one this year but with whole families on either side of the chair instead. I've been surprised to learn how extensively the speed meeting concept has been developed for so many different kinds of groups and situations, and yours is one more good illustration.

There were no right or wrong answers to the questions that were the basis of the mini-interviews, rather they were intended to reveal how the applicant works in teams and handles the personal side of doctoring, not just academic expertise.

Even a local church is considering using a speed meeting variant of speed dating as a way to develop more connections among members within a large congregation.

What do local governments in the UK, a Jewish Rabbi, Chinese business people, a medical school, and a social club all have in common?

They have all used "speed meeting" (with variants known as "speed dating" and "speed networking") as a way for people to meet and get to know each other –- if at first ever so briefly –- for possible future follow up. In the UK, the Local Government Association developed "political speed dating" not as a dating event, but a method set up by local councils to introduce constituents to their representatives.

(Also, you can keep going with this: 5 of your favorite movies, 5 of your favorite foods, 5 of anything.) 3. What aspects of our church are most important to you? Tell the other person about one or more activities you have participated in at the church that were particularly enjoyable or meaningful.

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