Dating a kentucky quilt

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Listings are submitted by the teachers themselves and are sorted into categories based on their general geographic area.

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and Quilting to Soothe the Soul: Create Memories for Today, Tomorrow & Forever. Her students enjoy her good sense of humor, guiding and flexible teaching approach, patience and ability to allow and encourage creativity.It belonged to the Passmore family of the Monticello community and was made by Mrs.Sam Passmore’s grandmother in South Carolina and brought to Pike County around 1820." Dating a quilt from a tiny photo is folly---but the family story could be accurate. The fan quilting looks very "Southern, late 19th-early 20th century," but it could have been quilted later.It seems to be smaller scale prints in indigo and madder.“The oldest quilt that we have in the exhibit is a ‘feather’ quilt that belongs to the museum and dates back to 1775.It has the same fan quilting as the Alabama quilt---it's probably after 1830 and not really an early quilt. For more about Princess Feathers see Karen Alexander's post here.

The teachers and lecturers who are listed here have expertise in one or more areas dealing with quilts and quilt history.

Linda's expertise is in hand applique' and machine piecing.

Please visit her web site: view 27 photos of her workshops and lectures.

Most of the contributions have come to the Museum as gifts, and many of those are from the quilt-makers’ families.

The collection illustrates needlework techniques, materials, fabric designs and processes, styles and patterns used for quilt-making in the past 250 years.

With a grandfather who was born on a Mennonite farm, a grandmother who quilted, and being raised next to Amish country in rural Ohio, one can understand why. Along with being an accomplished quilter and quilting teacher, Holly is an appraiser certified by the American Quilter's Society.

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