Dating aunties hyd

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Dating aunties hyd

We removed our under wears and now completely naked in front of each other.

I was shocked by listening this words, i was very much happy and was waiting to go to her and eat her body.She pulled me close and kept her hands at the knot of the towel.Her hands were touching the area below my navel button.I could see her beautiful back from neck to toe and wanted her to fuck her right there. I came out with towel wrapped around my waist with no underwear inside.I was about to hug her from behind and she said me to have bath. She saw me coming as the door was shut tightly by me, she turned towards me and i stood before her.She kept one of her hands around my neck and caressed my hair with the other hand. I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bed room.

She laid on the bed and raised both of her hands inviting me.

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I could hear the sound of the water from the bathroom. She came out of the room after 30 minutes with the light blue color sari she looked beautiful in that see through sari. I was sitting in the sofa and she came near me and asked how she looks by turning around her butts moving in rhythm.

The sari was tied one to two inches below the navel button. I said she is queen for the words beautiful and gorgeous.

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