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The easiest way is to use a circumventor like stupidcensorship.com, although these are often blocked quite quickly as well, so I recommend signing up to their mailing list to receive emails whenever a new circumventing site is created.

If you are caught attempting to get past the security measures, even if you don't manage or you're doing it for a good reason, then you may still get in trouble, so be careful.) changed the boring old IT technician's entire computer, including the text, to bright pink so it stood out from a mile away (slightly ironic, since the technician was the person who decided we all had to have identical desktops).You can also add a "God Mode" folder on some Windows computers, which gives access to a lot of new settings.If you have access to the command prompt on a Windows computer, then you can use the "" commands to find out details on each account, and if you know enough about command prompts, you may even be able to change the passwords.Sometimes you can boot Windows in safe mode by pressing F8 as Windows boots and trying to install the software then.Most operating systems can be installed on removable media.

Once you've booted from this device, there are often no restrictions at all on the system other than Internet-based ones which force you to connect to the Internet through a proxy server that blocks websites, but like I've said, they're not hard to get around.The third method I have used is booting or running from an external device.I've used USB flash drives, CDs, DVDs and an external hard drive and have booted both Linux and Windows operating systems.Safe mode is a good way to bypass a lot of security software and restrictions.For example, my school had an "RM Login" screen that I could only skip by using safe mode.Many companies or schools are quite dull and want everybody's accounts to look alike.

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    After the mainline of the railroad bypassed Santa Fe, it lost population.