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Five years later, Max is accepted into Blackwell Academy, a seniors-only school of arts and sciences, and moves back to Arcadia Bay; mostly due to her admiration for the work of her famous new teacher, Mark Jefferson.Her mother gets a special mention as Max talks about the coconut bites in her bedroom, revealing that she was given a 0 gift certificate with them for her birthday.On top of the money her father transferred to her account, we can clearly see that the Caulfields are a well-off family.I love all kinds of styles and techniques but for me, the instant camera selfie is the one I love most. So I'm eighteen now, an official adult even though I don't always feel so wise or mature, and I'm ready to begin a whole new life here with retro camera at my side.Max grew up in Arcadia Bay, where she and Chloe were close childhood friends who always hung around each other and used to play pirates at their homes or in the woods, dreaming of their future and the adventures they would experience together.It's obvious that Max is pretty interested in other people's stuff, but it's up to the player how far her curiosity goes, such as whether or to what extent she goes to nose around in other peoples' rooms.

She refers to herself as being clumsy after breaking and spilling a number of items and having to rewind time.According to herself, she rather likes to observe the world around her than actually participate in it; that's why several students including Juliet think she wouldn't really care for others.But on the contrary, she makes a genuine effort to show kindness to all of Blackwell's students.On the search for clues to solve the mysterious disappearance of Rachel Amber, Max must also discover how to use her powers to save the town of Arcadia Bay from a tornado.Max is geeky, quite introverted and slightly self-conscious, particularly when it comes to her photography.She has a great affection for photography, always taking pictures of her surroundings, since she considers it a way to "be part of the world at a safe distance", and aspires to make it a career one day.