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Distortions of this doctrine are regularly used to keep the church blind to abuse and to prevent victims from getting the help they need.“When you come to believe as a people that the Bible is inspired, you have only fought half the battle, because the question is not merely, ‘is the Bible inspired? The major question following that, which must be answered, is this: Is the Bible sufficient, or do we have to bring in every so-called social science and cultural study in order to know how to run a church? Social sciences, in my opinion, have taken precedent over the Word of God in such a way that most of us can’t even see it.It has so crept into our church, our evangelism, and our missiology that you barely can call what we are doing ‘Christian’ anymore.

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This mentality of entitlement defines the very essence of the abuser.

From the study of astronomy, biology, anatomy, and yes…. Just think how helpful it was for many of you to read Martha Stout’s book, Or Judith Herman’s wonderful book on trauma. It would not surprise me if Washer is a no-divorce-for-abuser teacher, and maybe even more strict than that. I have listened to some of his preaching and it is troublesome to me that so much of what he says in at least some of his messages is simply his own philosophy wrapped in the package of biblical preaching.

Man, what common sense and insight these people have to teach us. But when we hear statements like Washer’s, especially when they are given in a sermon that is supposed to be teaching us what God’s Word says, then it sounds very much like the preacher is telling us that we are doing wrong, that we are sinning, by reading these other books besides the Bible. The definition of abuse: A pattern of coercive control (ongoing actions or inactions) that proceeds from a mentality of entitlement to power, whereby, through intimidation, manipulation and isolation, the abuser keeps his* target subordinated and under his control.

Paul Washer will lead us through 2 Timothy and Deuteronomy 6 as the foundational texts on which we set our marriage and cultivate our children's conversion and sanctification.

He will help us understand that our primary goal as parents must be for our children to understand and build their lives upon the gospel (conversion).

That is an absolute It says here that the Scriptures are given ‘that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works’ (2 Tim ). And what do we have to do with all these modern day social sciences that were actually created as a protest against the Word of God?

And why is it that evangelism, missions, and so-called ‘church growth’ is more shaped by the anthropologist, the sociologist, and the Wall Street student who are up on every cultural trend?

To say that abusers cannot change removes responsibility for sin.

They can change, but the vast majority choose not to, which is what the experts state. Abusers have options for treatment and are accountable.

If God does not seek the sinner out, there is no hope for sinners! (However, even in regard to how we do ministry, we can indeed still learn things from other sources.

And we surely do have to be on guard against bringing unbiblical psychological ideas into our theology — ideas that deny the image of God in man or deny the very existence of sin. They must not contradict Scripture, but they can be true and helpful). I think it will be troublesome to our readers who are quite familiar with the nature of abuse, with their own personal experiences as victims and survivors of abuse, and with what factors the Lord used to finally open their eyes to what was happening to them and set them free.

Our missionary activity, our church activity, and everything we do ought to flow from the theologian and the exegete — the man who opens up his Bible and has only one question: What is Thy will, Oh God?

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