Post dating a contract

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Each party should have an original executed copy of the contract for their files.

Dating helps to identify a contract years later and puts the contract into chronological context.

For example, if you are signing as president of a corporation, the signature block should read substantially like this: ABC Corporation By: _________________ Name: Joe Smith Title: President Signing correctly on behalf of a corporation prevents later claims that you are personally liable under the agreement.

For example, if the other party to the contract is a corporation, you want to be sure that the corporation is in existence, that the person signing on behalf of the corporation is authorized to do so, and, particularly in larger transactions, that the corporation approved the contract by consent of its shareholders or directors.

One copy goes to you, one copy goes to the other party. Imke Ratschko is a New York Attorney helping small businesses, business owners and entrepreneurs with all things "Small Business Law," such as litigation, contracts, business owner disputes, shareholder and operating agreements, sale or purchase of a business, investors, and starting a business.

If you work with prepaid service contracts, you must regularly post prepaid contract entries, thereby transferring the prepaid payments from the prepaid contract accounts to the regular contract accounts.

Whatever you do, be sure you will not be working for that company ever again.

But it doesn't matter how you do it, so just do whatever is easiest for you.But I received an offer from another company, which I decided to work for. Is it enough to send a written letter to comunicate that I won't start working for them? But it doesn't matter how you do it, so just do whatever is easiest for you. If you want to be simple, just don't show up for work at all.The sooner the other company knows you're not coming the better it is for them so that they can reorganize things. Typically it is one week in the first three months.This would mean: You show up on the first day and tell them that you want to leave. That makes little sense and an employer would typically prefer to know earlier if you plan to not take a job.If you do not want to work this one week, you probably have to pay a fine for not honoring the contract. And again: Your contract should tell you about it... Most employment contracts list a seven day written contract termination notice period during the 2 or 3 month probationary period. I am supposed to start on July 1st but I changed my mind.