Samsung weather widget not updating location

19-Dec-2016 06:23 by 6 Comments

Samsung weather widget not updating location - blender application dating

It will enable probability of precipitation, world clock integrated to show time and weather for selected cities and 10 day detailed weather forecast.The pro version will also allow you to use exclusive premium widget themes. Notable Feature: Click on the widget and you will have access to a full-fledged weather app.

Sure there will be some weather widgets available right off the bat for your Android device.The phone ran on Samsung’s own flavor of Android 4.4.2 GO Weather is made by the same team whose apps have impressed me in the lockscreen as well as launcher categories.Naturally I had big expectations about the weather widget, but thankfully they were all met.Features: Notable Feature: The ability to limit the internet source to Wi Fi-only is incredible.I can’t remember how many times some epic widget sapped my data, thankfully that won’t be the case with this widget.The paid version of the app only removes the annoying ads.

I recommend this version if you really like the initial free app.

I recommend that you deploy this detailed beast on one of the secondary home screens otherwise it draws too much attention to itself.

This might be an amazingly great thing or a bad one depending on your personal taste.

There are great themes to make your home screen look fantastic as well as provide useful info.

This particular weather widget for Android is so high on the list because it is the only one which tries to jam almost every aspect of weather on a single widget.

Let’s be honest here, we rarely like what the OEM (original electronic manufacturer) puts on our phones.