Samsung weather widget not updating

26-Nov-2016 05:30 by 2 Comments

Samsung weather widget not updating - Datingwap com in kolkata

- Tiny updates (less than 5k) so you wont use up your data cap- Weather for over 20,000 Australian and 1500 International locations- Real-time observations for temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, pressure and rain since 9 am- 7 Day forecast- Chance of rain and UV Forecast- Animated radar- Postcode/Suburb location search so you don't need to know your nearest weather station- GPS search for current location- Dynamic backgrounds that change as the weather does- Home screen widget Interestingly, the app has the smarts to be moved to SD Card with App2SD, this is good... It seem good, found friends place in Peregian Beach, normal have to go with Noosa.Screen does not change when I rotate the phone, may be it could display the forecast for the next few days, when rotated. Currently I have the BOM site in my browser favorites and on old Aussie Weather Radar app.

Another thing I notice with some other application is that the location is derived from which phone tower(s) your connected to.

Would be great to be able to access data such as past 24 hours for wind speed etc. I should have been clearer with my earlier comment.

Thats valuable for those doing lots of outdoor activities.. Please enhance it so that if there is no network connectivity, it doesn't should an error and it continues to display previously fetched data.

We have launched a new free weather app from Weatherzone and thought the Android community here might be interested.

Data is sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology and reviewed by our team of Meteorologists. If you could add a decent clock to it I would be interested in sticking it on my home screen.

The data is processed immediately by the BOM and passed through to our various products. Our meteorologists regularly review the forecast and can update it at anytime.

Once updated it is then immediately available to our websites and apps.

2x1 is more than enough for the actual data you show on that default widget. - Finally, while the little drawer on the details screen is cute, it's completely wasted space on my screen, since there's a big gap to let it expand out before you get the forecasts below. Deleted widget, went to add widget back and no weatherzone widgets to add? My large widget with clock wont update the current location – it is still showing my location from last night.

- As others have suggested, more widget sizes with more or less info would be nice. Either leave it fully expanded or get the elements below to reflow on expansion. If I load up either of the smaller widgets they detect where I am but the large one wont unless I delete it and replace it on the screen – but then it wont update locations after this no matter how many times I select 'current location' in the setup.

The app shows lots of promise, and I'm using it now, but it still feels rough around the edges and sometimes buggy. We've nailed a LOT of bugs in the past week and the test builds I'm playing with now are a LOT more responsive.

We've also seen how it works in landscape mode and I think that will make the cut also.

Would be good if there was a paid (non ad) version. I found myself don't necessarily need to get the current temperature all the time but refer to weather forecast more often to plan my week. Might be pertinent to remove the current obs data if its more than 30mins old to avoid confusion.