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An area of concentration may also follow the fields of study already established within a single discipline: e.g., race/minority/ethnic studies in a combined degree with Sociology.An area of concentration must either be a field of study offered by a department or fall within the rubric of such a field.

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If a student intends to apply for this combined Ph. in African American Studies and another department or program, he or she should consult the other department’s or program’s Ph. More information is available on the department’s Web site,

General changes to degree requirements will be posted on the Graduate School’s Web site.

The course listings and instructors that follow reflect information received by the registrar as of the publication date and are subject to change without notice.

Additionally, please indicate both departments on all supporting documents (personal statement, letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.).

A student currently enrolled in one of the departments or programs participating in the combined Ph. in African American Studies who desires to transfer into the combined Ph. program may do so after: Students will be subject to the combined Ph. supervision of the African American Studies department and the relevant participating department or program.

The student’s academic program will be decided in consultation with an adviser, the DGS of African American Studies, and the DGS of the participating department or program and must be approved by all three.

Students are required to take five courses in African American Studies, generally at least one course each term. Core courses are (1) Theorizing Racial Formations (AFAM 505a/AMST 643a), which is a required course for all first-year graduate students in the combined program, and (2) Dissertation Prospectus Workshop (AFAM 895), a two-term course, which graduate students in their third year of study must satisfactorily complete.

Students are advised to consult edu/oci for the most recent information.

Fall-term courses are indicated by the letter “a,” spring-term courses by the letter “b”; summer courses are indicated by the letter “c.” Yearlong courses have no letter designation or list both “a” and “b.” A superscript “u” after a course number indicates that the course also has a Yale College course number.

Courses in brackets are not offered during the current academic year.

Erica James, Christopher Lebron The Department of African American Studies offers a combined Ph. in conjunction with several other departments and programs: currently, American Studies, Anthropology, English, Film and Media Studies, French, History, History of Art, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, and Spanish and Portuguese.

These apply to all students in the Graduate School, although there are variations in the pattern of their fulfillment in individual departments and programs.

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