Speed dating in nairobi kenya

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Speed dating in nairobi kenya

One of many fascinating tales recounted in David Anderson’s Histories of the Hanged, which examines the tactics the British used to break the Mau Mau rebellion, is the exposure by London officials of a construction scam in 1953, which prompted Harold Whipp, Nairobi’s City Council engineer, to put his head on a railway track.The global anti-corruption group Transparency International owes its very existence to the intractability of Kenya’s "eating" culture.

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Taking its place in the public’s mind is a concern that was momentarily sidelined but that never, in truth, went away: burgeoning corruption.

The first is a project to provide every schoolchild — starting at the tender age of six — with a laptop.

The project was suspended in March by Kenya’s Public Procurement Administrative Review Board after it emerged that the Indian company that won the bid did not actually manufacture laptop computers.

, sabotaging the "Africa Rising" narrative that decrees an expanding middle class, combined with increased investor confidence, Chinese-built infrastructure, and an educated work force, is set to trigger takeoff.

It also makes Kenya, long seen in the West as a strategic bulwark against Islamic terrorism radiating from the Horn of Africa, an unreliable partner.

It is not worth it," concluded economist David Ndii after examining the arguments for and against the railway project.

Yet the presidency seems bent on seeing both projects through, fueling the conviction that private profit-making is being put before public interest.

"You know you are in trouble when a fellow thief accuses you of stealing! "Everyone is corrupt in Kenya, even grandmothers," lamented another.

As the Jubilee administration, which triumphed in Kenya’s 2013 elections, passes its one-year mark, public perceptions and media priorities appear to be undergoing a fundamental shift.

Under Moi, there was the Goldenberg scam, which started with fake gold exports and spiraled outward, triggering the collapse of the Kenya shilling.

Mwai Kibaki’s presidency saw the Anglo Leasing tendering scandal, involving 18 military and security contracts signed with phantom Western companies; the episode that spurred John Githongo’s resignation and three-year ex ile (the topic of my book, It’s Our Turn to Eat).

"Corruption is undermining Kenya’s future," 17 Nairobi-based ambassadors, along with the local International Monetary Fund (IMF) director, declared in mid-April.