Updating fedora 6

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Legacy versions of Fedora Core are no longer supported due to reaching the end of their life cycles. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to a newer version of Fedora or reinstall a currently supported version of Cent OS or RHEL instead.

They are point standard released software that provide tools to assist in the upgrading from one point release to another.Fedora Core 5 was released on March 20, 2006, with the codename Bordeaux, and introduced the Fedora Bubbles artwork.It also introduced new package management tools such as pup and pirut (see Yellowdog Updater, Modified).Fed Up (FEDora UPgrader) is the name of a new system for upgrading Fedora installs in Fedora 18 and above releases.It replaces all of the currently recommended upgrade methods (Pre Upgrade and DVD) that have been used in previous Fedora releases.Upgrading all software could mean different things thus it's not aligned well with the question.

None of the Red Hat distros prior to Fedora 17 included the ability to do dist-upgrades as you've asked.

A unique feature of Infinity is that the wallpaper can change during the day to reflect the time of day.

This Live CD version uses the Xfce desktop environment, which aims to be fast and lightweight, while still being visually appealing and easy to use.

When I made that comment I meant one thing and the phrase "rolling releases" really means something else.

When I wrote that I meant "rolling release" to mean that you could now roll from one point release of Fedora (say 17) to version 18.

This had been a long discussed option on many peoples' wish list but had never been implemented.