We are updating our records

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We are updating our records - dating 10 year old man

Rather than customize a ‘standard’ solution for clients, our solutions are built from the ground up, taking into consideration the variety of factors that make each company different.

Perhaps this is the year you want to build a knowledge portal to enhance user experience or you are looking to boost the bottom line by cutting up to 30% of the cost of doing business.

For clients with a multi-national presence, our team is able to assess and facilitate the records and information management needs of each country, state or municipality where the company operates, assuring compliance with every entity’s requirements. Cadence Group has been working with federal agencies since 1992.

In that time, our clients have included multiple public health and financial agencies, the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, NASA and the EPA, just to name a few.

Submit Resume For our large corporate clients, we provide specialized services to build an entire department or to supplement in-house groups.

We service a wide variety of industries from heavily regulated to science and engineering.

We work with non-profits and educational institutions of every size to help them identify, analyze and adapt how they operate, gaining efficiencies to ensure their sustainability.

We also understand the challenges of working with tight budgets as a 501(c)(3) and work within budgetary guidelines to create programs that are cost effective on all dimensions.

While we recognize them for their positive impact on the communities they serve, we understand that nonprofits and academic institutions are business enterprises as well.

It is critical that the leaders of these organizations continuously assess the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations models to assure that they can provide services for today and for tomorrow.

With information governance in mind, our mission is to understand and advance each partner’s strategic plan, and then determine the most effective way to facilitate success towards each business achieving its goals.

We do not simply want to help get tasks completed — we want to be a seamless partner and trusted advisor in achieving sustainable growth.

Over the past 20 years we have been partnering with clients, learning their business models, creating best practices, and ultimately incorporating all of our knowledge into an approach that is highly effective in the short-term in the long-term.

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