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We don’t have enough songs like that, songs thatdescribe romance.Wouldn’t it be good to describe what we are going to do in aclassy intimate and aggressive way? ” Ledisi explains that her new music is a reflection of her journey of self-discovery.“There was a time when I felt like I had to please everybody,” she says.

The song, a playful,up-tempo, nod to female sexual assertiveness is a syncopated pro-womananthem to put all others to shame. So when I heard it in a song, I was like ‘Oh,this is me now! ’” “That Good Good doesn’t have to be sexual,” she continues.

“If you wouldhave said ‘I loved you,’ I would have turned around and stayed. For women, it’s hard for us toleave things and people that we love.

We stay in situations almost like martyrs toourselves. When I came out theroom everybody had their mouths open like, “Oh my God!

“I heard the song and I went bananas,” says Ledisi. “It can be aboutasking for the best kind of loving and promising you are going to give it back.”If The Good Good is about asking for what you want, Lose Control is thedeclaration of a woman who got just what she needed: some late-night down anddirty.

“I love songs that tell women it’s okay to ask their partners for what theywant. It’s music to listen to when words alone can’t express your desire.

“I told him someone was making me smileand he thought of the idea of blaming the other person for building me up.

But ofcourse, that only works if you are open to it.” The transformative power of letting go of the old and embracing the new iscelebrated in the album’s title track, The Truth, produced by D. Camper,(Chrisette Michelle, John Legend, Keyshia Cole). “I wrote the song in a hotel room,” says Ledisi, singing one of her favorite lines.“Like a hurricane without warning I woke up Sunday morning, had to face thetruth.” “That song was the beginning of me letting go,” she continues.

Squarely R&B albums dominated by upbeat, clean, and energetic material seemed like a forgotten art until late 2013 and early 2014 releases from the Foreign Exchange (Love in Flying Colors) and Pharrell Williams (GIRL).

Ledisi continued the upswing with The Truth, her fifth Verve album.

As with those preceding albums, The Truth is certainly informed by the past but sounds contemporary; even more vibrant than her own Turn Me Loose but not as rooted in early- to mid-'70s funk and soul.

The memories it triggers are more likely to be connected to a period when danceable R&B songs were termed grooves rather than bangers, yet the grooves here -- like "I Blame You," "Rock with You," and, to a slightly lesser extent, "Missy Doubt" -- pack as much sophisticated retro-modern might as Beyoncé's "Love on Top" or Ne-Yo's "Champagne Life." Additionally, "That Good Good" and "Anything," both driven by heavy drums rather than basslines and more in line with urban contemporary radio, don't sound out of place, with Ledisi at full power.

At the same time I was leaving, I am recognizing that the other persondidn’t want me to leave but didn’t know how to say the words, ‘Don’t go.’ In 88Boxes, I am being somewhat sympathetic to that..I am also focusing on thereality of what is..end of a love affair." The track, which Ledisi had originally penned as a poem, was recorded in asingle take. “Everyone had beentelling me how I should record the song, but my vocal producer, Roland Jack,who is like a brother to me, said, “Led I want you to do what you wrote. ” It was one of thehardest songs to record and it’s honest.” Ledisi’s courage to be so vulnerable isn’t the only positive byproduct of hertransformation.

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