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For a number of reasons it is important to me that there be insurance there. And most of the financial burden is on — all of the financial burden of raising those children is on me.

Long story short, she threatened several times to take me to court.

“You know I’m really squeezed for cash,” he told her.

He no longer had his cushy job as South Carolina’s governor, and had somehow failed to rake in the dough on the Conservative Talking Head Circuit, perhaps because no one was all that interested in anything the disgraced ex-governor had to say. The voters of South Carolina’s 1st congressional district got over their disappointment quickly enough, though, in the 2013 special election, when Mark ran on a Tea Party-endorsed platform of being a “fiscal conservative,” a reputation he’d first earned when he started his political career in the House in 1994, ranked by the Cato Institute and other conservative groups as the House’s most fiscally conservative member.

According to the 79-page transcript (certain small portions of which are redacted) of a March 14, 2012, hearing in the Family Court of Charleston, South Carolina, the former S. governor and current congressman was found in contempt of court for violating the terms of the Final Order and Decree of Divorce of March 18, 2010, a court-approved agreement with his ex-wife.

Jenny filed this particular court action — one of several she filed and continues to file, including the most recent one requiring Mark to appear in court on Monday — because she believed Mark had violated several terms of their agreement: He had repeatedly failed to pay his child support; he had failed to obtain liability insurance for the Sanford family “farm,” the Coosaw Plantation, where there was a pattern of children drowning on the property, resulting in wrongful death suits against various members of the Sanford family; and he had failed to abide by certain restrictions on what the Sanford children were and were not allowed to do while in Mark’s care at the Coosaw Plantation.

According to the testimony of both Mark and Jenny at the 2012 hearing, the real tragedy was that the family farm was not sufficiently (or, in fact, at all) insured for liability in case of tragic events, like the deaths of two children.

This lack of insurance was the primary cause of concern for Jenny at the hearing because it put her in personal financial jeopardy if any more children were to die on the property.

— but to prevent the financial devastation resulting from such deaths.

If only they’d known brother Billy wasn’t, in Mark’s words, as “careful in these things as he ought to be.” Careful about the paperwork, that is, not careful about ensuring that the property was not a death trap.

The original divorce decree required, among other things, that Mark make regular payments of ,000 for the cost of their son Marshall’s college tuition.

But, despite the court order, Mark didn’t think that was fair.

It turns out the week — one week prior to this horrific and very sad incident at the farm, my brother let it lapse, unbeknownst to any of the other siblings.