Xsellize updating sources

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Tap on i Ap Cracker to install it by clicking the Modify button then Install.Now Return to your home screen and you should be able to see x Sellize installed in your device. Take some time to try a few popular Cydia tweaks and apps available in x Sellize such as App Sync, Folder Lock, i Blacklist, Appfront, Gridlock, Safari Upload Enabler, Ad Block (Apps to block all the hateful ads), Android Lock XT, and Springtomize.

x Sellize works only on jailbroken devices so this step can’t be skipped.

Using this Flippo Biga you can tweak Lock Screen and folder icons.

Carrier logo can also be modified using the tweaks available in it. Source: You can get this Bigboss Repository along with Cydia as default.

You are the frog in the well if you don’t have x Sellize in your jailbroken i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod Touch.

x Sellize has been in the market for a period of time and it has been widely regarded as one of the best Cydia sources of all time.

The best part is, all the tweaks are arranged in categories so that it won’t be difficult for you to search for the required thing. Source: As we all know we cannot transfer files from our IOS device to non-IOS devices like android via Bluetooth.

Using Bluetooth in our IOS devices we can only share stuff with other IOS device, which is a disgusting feature at times.Screenshot to add a Cydia Repo Step 3: Add x Sellize repo.There are a few x Sellize repo can be used and you can choose any of them to try on your i OS device.Before going through the process make sure that your device is already jailbroken and 1. Bite your apple is one of the best Cydia sources available out there.Open Cydia Application and Tap on the Manage Icon that you see at the bottom of the application. When you open the Manage Screen you will see three options namely 1. You can check the Bite Your Apple Repo Source URL below .So using the Cydia source i Force you can install Air Drop which lets you share files between IOS and NON IOs devices. Source: Cydia Source called Xsellize excites you more if you are a game lover.